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Lugs on a Capacitor

Sometimes an idea comes along that just needs to passed along to everyone.

One issue with replacing chassis mounted capacitors is often the original capacitors have solder lug terminals while most new capacitors have either snap-in or straight leads. When you have many individual wires to solder to a single point, this may be a problem.

I ran across very good idea on solving this problem. You can use some 22-16 ring terminals and solder them onto the capacitor leads.

First I removed the plastic sleeve from the ring terminal, then I slipped the terminal over the snap-in lead. Then I soldered it in place. Now I have a proper lug terminal which I can solder many wire to easily.

It took me a bout 10 minuets to modify all three capacitors, which is far less time than trying to solder 4 wires to the original terminal.

It is important to make sure that by adding the ring lugs the total length does not exceed the mounting space.  You don't want the lugs to ground out on the chassis because they are to long.

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