Completed Projects

On this page I will be posting completed projects and equipment that I have already sold. If you see something that interests you, it might provide a reasonable price point for similar equipment you ar einterested in buying.

I will add new equipment as it is completed and ready to be sent off to a new owner.  Check back here often to see what's new. 

If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, contact me and I will arrange a time for you to come to my shop and audition the equipment.



marantz integrated amplifier model 1200B

Coming Soon!

I've decided that it's time to send my completely rebuild Marantz Model 1200B on to a new owner.

I will include its Walnut Cabinet, since that's the way I received it.

The last bit tha needs to be done on the 1200B is the replacement of the 2 main chassis mounted capacitors.  I will order and install the new capacitors once I have a pending sale for the amplifier.

I've been using the 1200B on and off for the past year and it is truly a fantastic amplifier.  For those who are not familiar with the details of the 1200B, it is a combination of a slightly detuned Marantz Model 250 Amplifier and an Marantz Model 3300 Pre Amplifier in one case.

The Marantz 250 is rated at 125 WPC while the 1200B is rated at 100 WPC.  Marantz simply used a slightly smaller transformer and lowered the voltage to the amplifier boards to decrease the output.  This actually created a much more reliable unit the the somewhat temperamental Model 250.

The Model 330 pre amplifier is one of the best old school Marantz pre amps and it has the warm Marantz sound that is so sought after.

I've used the 1200B with my pair of Pioneer HPM100's and it drives them effortlessly.  I think that I'll miss the 1200B when it's gone, but I have two more 1200's waiting their turn on the bench.


You can read all about the rebuild process here.

You can see all of the pictures here.

Email me if your interested.


marantz integrated amplifier model 1060, serial number 7871

This Model 1060 came to me as an unfinished project from the previous owner.. This 1060 was in pieces when it arrived and it required a fair bit of work to get it back into good working order.

Each board was rebuilt and the amplifier board had the pre-driver, driver and output transistors replaced.  

This 1060 has been thoroughly cleaned and all of the inputs have been tested.

The overall cosmetic condition is very good for both the 1060 amplifier and the optinal walnut cabinet.

I am going to offer the 1060 for sale in two different configurations, with and without the Walnut Cabinet.

If you are interested in this Model 1060, please contact me by email.

You can see all of the Pictures of this 1060 here.


marantz integrated amplifier model 1040, serial number 3523

The rebuild of this Model 1040 was completed a few weeks ago and I have been enjoying it each afternoon in the workshop.  I have it connected to my Pioneer HPM100's and the 1040 is surprisingly powerful and plays my Pioneers nicely.

The 1040 has a more modern sound that some what older Marantz amplifiers, maybe it has a little less of the famed 3-martini sound.  If your a fan of lots of bass, the 1040 might be just what your looking for.   I will admit that I like lots of bass and I use the Loudness control quite often.  The HPM100's can be a very bass forward speaker and the 1040 does not disappoint me in this respect.  The 1040 also has very clear and detailed highs, I have found that I normally will lower the treble a little to accommodate my tastes.

All of the work I performed on this 1040 is documented in the rebuild section of this site, please remember that even with all of the work that was done, this is a Vintage Amplifier and along with that comes the potential of Vintage related issues.

The 1040 has been thoroughly cleaned and all of the inputs have been tested.  I prepared a short video showing a portion of the final testing.

I am going to offer the 1040 for sale in two different configurations, with and without the Walnut Cabinet.

If you are interested in this Model 1040, please contact me by email.

See all of the Model 1040 picture here.



Marantz Pre-Amplifier Model 7T Serial Number 7-16980

I purchased this sweet pre-amp just about a month ago and it's time to send it to a new home.  I have been using it with several different amplifiers and I am amazed with its sound quality.  The 7T creates a wider, more open sound stage with greater sonic clarity.  There's a reason these early pre-amps are so sought after.  

You can read about my adventure to acquire this 7T in my Journal and see the pictures in the Photo Gallery.

This 7T is for sale at $1475.00 which inlcudes the original wood cabinet. Shipping is additional.  If you are interested, contact me by email.


Marantz Integrated Amplifier Model 1030, Serial Number 2411

The rebuild on this 1030 was recently completed and I am done with the testing stage of the project.  You can see all of the work that was performed in the Rebuilds & Repairs section and view all of the picture in the Photo Gallery .

This is a very early 1030 which has   pre-amp out, main-amp in  jacks on the rear panel. It also has a Gold Tone face plate with engraved labeling instead of silkscreen.  

This 1030 is for sale at $455.00 plus shipping costs.  If you are interested contact me by email.