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Refurbishing of a newly cleaned Marantz 1030  #7066

You may have watch the video of this Maranzt 1030 being cleaned before I started the reimbursement. I have posted a detailed rebuild for a 1030 once already, so i won't bore everyone with another.

The high points of this rebuild were how well it initially cleaned up.  Just a little brushing and vacuuming made the wiping down with a damp cloth so much easier.

Replacing all of the capacitors was easy and straight forward.  I used Nichicon capacitors throughout the 1030, including the primary filter caps and the coupling caps.  I did not increase the values of these caps because I don't think it's necessary. 3

Since these three caps were snap-in models, I added solder lugs to their leads, which makes the installation easier and more secure.

Another surprise along the way was the unexpected broken diode H714.  This is a varistor diode and one lead snapped off while i was recapping the amplifier board.  Luckly I was able to buy a replacement from one of my regular suppliers.

After the electronics were complete I adjusted the bias settings as outlined in the service manual.  Then I adjusted the clipping levels. All of these adjustments are for right and left channels individually.

I gave this 1030 a quick listen and it sounded great! So it was on to final cleaning.

A little (and I mean a little) DeoxIt D5 in the control pots cleared away any static and restored their smooth feel. I cleaned all of the pushbutton switches and the selector switch.  

All of the RCA jacks on the back of the 1030 were cleaned with some D5 and pipe cleaners, the headphone jack and mic jacked were cleaned with Q-tips.

I went over the chassis one final time to make sure it shined, I washed the top and bottom covers and the faceplate and knobs.  Lastly the faceplate was polished with a little carnauba wax and shined up.

Everything was reassembled and I moved on to final testing.  Each input was tested including tape in and out and they all worked correctly.

This Marantz 1030 is ready for a new home. 

See all of the 1030 pictures here.

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