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A Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier Commission

Sunday was the day to start a new project. I have a commissioned project for a Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier. The first and most important part of any project is the initial planning. Sunday was not about soldering or tinkering about with the model 30, it was all about planning. I spent time compiling a list of parts that will be needed and put together a list of this to be done.

The model 30 is often thought to be a combination of a Model 32 Amplifier and a Model 33 Pre Amplifier. This is not exactly correct, while the amplifiers in the 30 and 32 are the same, the preamp is considerably different. In a model 33 there are 2 identical preamp boards, one for each channel. In the model 30 there is a single board for both channels and the overall design is simpler.

There are 2 different amplifier board designs for the model 30 and this unit has the later design. You can tell this by carefully comparing the actual board to the drawings in the service manual. This board has TO220 transistors mounted on their own heat sinks, standing off the board. There are only a few capacitors on the amp board, 2 of them are tantalum’s, all of them will be changed.

Another unique feature of the model 30 is the way the bias transistor and diode are mounted on the back of the circuit board. These components must be mounted so they actually touch the output transistor heat sink. This physical connection allows for good thermal tracking in the bias circuit.

The preamp board is loaded with tantalum capacitors which should all be replaced. Because of the limited amount of space on the board I ordered Nichicon MW and SW series capacitors. All of the poorly installed radial caps will be replaced with the correct axial components.

Since this model 30 is in very good working condition this should be a straight forward rebuild. A little cleaning and polish will really make it shine.

If Mouser is true to form, my parts order should be here on Thursday. . . More to follow.

See all of the Model 30 Pictures.

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Chris, Excellent information on Marantz rebuilds....I like you have been messing around with a Marantz type 30 integrated and have not been able to find a manual anywhere..I ordered one online and it was for a turntable Model 30? I shall be bookmarking your page and If I get it up and running will post some details. I downloaded the schematic you posted ( you are a lifesaver) Thank you very much
D. Harrison, Oviedo, Florida

November 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWhitelephant

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