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An early 1060 integrated amplifier

While the 1200B is nearing completion and I spend more time waiting for parts than anything else, It's time to look ahead to the next project.  I have several nice 1060 Integrated Amplifiers which which will benefit from some rebuilding.  The one I choose is in nice shape and should be an easy project.

I spent a few minuets looking it over today and I noticed that it is somewhat different that other 1060's I have worked on before.  Usually there are two varistors (H713 & H714) on the P700 Amp boards that are glued to the heat sinks of H705 & H706.  This particular 1060 has diodes mounted on the circuit board.  I think this is an early design that was changed.

My early 1060 amp board.  The diode is inside the red box.

A later 1060 amp board. Varistor is glued to the transistor heat sink.

I haven't found any reference to this design in the service manual or schematic.

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