I was so surprised. . . 

Last week I was so surprised with something I saw on eBay.  I was searching around just for fun and looking for a few items on my want list.  Much to my surprise I found someone selling PDF file copies of my Pioneer PL30 Turntable owners manual, that I have on this site.  I know that it is mine because the original owner wrote the serial number on the cover.

The eBay seller was asking under $2.00 for a copy.  I did not even consider that anyone would do something like this.

I followed the auction, the seller didn't have any takers.




Foghat 2011

Last Friday night my wife and I went to the Alameda County Fair to see one of my favorite bands, Foghat.

Concerts at the fair are really just great, they are the best ten dollar concert ever. The stage is about ten feet from the front row and all of the seats are good. I never had a chance to see Foghat in their early days, but the current band has been together for long enough to have their own well established sound on the classic Foghat songs .

Roger Earl is the last original member still with the band however Craig Macgregor joined around 1974 so he's almost an original member. The lead guitar and vocals are covered by Charlie Huhn and the slide guitar is play by the ever great Bryan Bassett.

These guys seemed to be having the best time playing together. Roger Earl is a great drummer and is the heart of the band. I really liked the way Craig Macgregor was so into what he was playing on bass. He seemed to be in the zone and let the music take him there.

Charlie Hahn's vocals have a lot of power and he connects with the audience well and looks like he was having such a great time, while Bryan Bassett is great to watch being so cool as he plays.

The average age of the audience was around 50, but there were some real hard core fans in their 60's rock'n it. The show was short but the song were sweet and everyone had a great time.

I picked up a key chain to commemorate the first time I got to see Foghat Live.



Rock'n the Coliseum 

After patiently waiting 18 months, last night we went to see U2 at the Oakland Coliseum, and it was rock'n.

There were two opening acts, the first was Moonalice, a band I had not heard before. They played several folksy rock songs. The lead guitar player Barry Sless can really play and the rhythm guitar was played by Roger McNamee.

The second opening act was Lenny Kravitz and he was truly awesome in every sense. He really connected with the audience with his style and personality. 

Finally at 9:30 the real show began. U2 with all of there best songs just rocked the coliseum. 


 It was well worth the long wait. . . 



High Power Amplifier

I won something cool today. . .

For the past week I have been watching a Marantz model 510 amplifier. The auction started at .99 cents and went up slowly for the past week. This morning I won the auction. This 510 seems to have some undetermined problem with one channel but otherwise seems to be in good condition.

I have been looking for a high power amplifier and the 510 fills that spot nicely. It's rated 256 watts into 8 ohms or 350 watts into 4 ohms. I'm sure it will need some repair to work correctly again. If it's as awesome as its reputation, it may be destined for a complete rebuild and refurbishment.

I will post pictures and an update on the amplifier as soon as it is delivered.



My Very First Email 

On Friday evening I received my very first email from a visitor to my site!

Dr. Rob had some very nice things to say about the site and how much he enjoyed visiting it.  He inquired about the sign-in feature on the home page.

This site has the ability for many interesting features, including memberships and allowing members to post to the site.  I have decided to build the site slowly and carefully while I find the best way to proceed.  Additional features will be activated as time and experience allows. 

This site is something I'm doing for fun and I would like to make sure it stays that way.  I have lots of ideas for what I hope are interesting topics and stories and adventures in the world of vintage audio.

Next up will be a multi-part posting which will feature the rebuilding of a Marantz model 1090 Intergraded Amplifier.