Maker Faire 2013 San Mateo Events Center
Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 2:59PM

This weekend, May 18th & 19th is the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California.

If you are into the Maker Movement you should go and check this show out.  There will be Outrageous Attractions, How To Workshops and Inspiring Presentations. 

This will be my first time at the Maker Faire and I expect to have a fantastic time and meet loads of interesting people.

If you listen to The Amp Hour podcast you will be familiar with Jeff Keyzer from Mighty Ohm  and Jeri Elsworth, both will be at Maker Faire.

I hope to see you all there!


Update on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 8:36AM by Registered CommenterChris

 Maker Faire 2013 - AWESOME! 

This was my first time at Maker Faire and I was completely blown away by how big it is.  I arrived at noon and I started wondering if I could see everything before it closed at 8PM.
I also didn't expect so many different types of Makers, everything from Steam Punk to Live Steam Trains, organic gardening, a sewing tent, black smithing and of course all sorts electronics.
In the main building there was one section dedicated to 3D printers which was very interesting.  There were so many talented people making really great sculptures with their 3D printers.
There were many Makers showing off their latest (or only) project and some were advertising that their projects were on Kick Starter.  Lots of the booths featured Arduino based projects or kits, these seemed very popular based on the number of people at the booths.
There were lots of families at the faire and there are lots of areas for kids to make projects.  The air pressure powered rocket building tent was always very full and it was fun to watch the kids fire off their newly built rockets.
In the Dark Building there were all sorts of LED based projects.  My wife like the bicycle LED lights from MonkeyLectric.
There was a fantastic music and high voltage show on the Tesla Stage.  Everyone really liked the giant Tesla coils.
In the dark Fiesta building I found Jeff Keyzer and I was able to sit down and talk with him for a few minutes, after asking him to autograph my Maker bag (very cool).
Jeff said that he's getting used to living in Seattle after being there for one year and he is being challenged at work as the lead (only?) hardware engineer at Valve.  Jeff was wearing his Amp Hour tee shirt at the show.
Radio Shack had a big tent setup as a "Learn To Solder" station.  Every time I walked past the tent it was full and the line to get in was very long.
It's really difficult to convey what Maker Faire is really all about and the impact it has by writing about it.  To get the full impact you simple have to attend it.
I had a great discussion with Robin from The Crucible.  It's like a Hacker Space for Trade Crafts like ceramics, glass blowing, welding, foundry, and more including Black Smithing.  I plan on visiting their open house in a few weeks and I'll probably take their 2 day entry level blacksmith class in July.
Maker Faire is huge!.
Hope you can make it next year.
See all of the Maker Faire pictures here.



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