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Spending a few days in Santa Barbara 

Over the Holidays I had the good fortune to spend a few in Santa Barbara.  I was there to visit some family and go to the Santa Barbara zoo.  

One afternoon my hosts had some business to attend to and I found myself with some free time.  The weather was nice and a since Santa Barbara is such a great walking town, I headed out to see the sights on State Street.

State Street is the main down town area and it ends right at the Pacific ocean.  Santa Barbara is like an upscale version of Santa Cruz, it's definitely has that beach town vibe, only with better shopping.

Scattered amongst the chain stores along State Street are hand full of locally owner shops with everything form hand painted Italian pottery to cigars.


As I wandered along I was pleasantly surprised to find a local music shop, "Just Play Music".  What caught my eye was the black faced Marantz 240 amplifier in the stores window.  It seems that they not only sell vinyl records and CD's but they also repair and sell vintage audio equipment.

Inside it is your typical funky music shop, with lots of posters and tee short to buy along with the different types of music.  Their vinyl selection was fairy big and it cover all types of music choices.  Their prices were good, most LP's were 9-10 dollars for used LP's and up to $40 for unopened examples.  There was also a bargain bin with LP's for just a $1.91.

The selection of vintage audio equiment was varied with a few turtables and receivers, they also offer repair service for vintage equipment.  The Marantz 240 was prices at $249.00, not a bad price at all.

If you have a chance to stop over in Santa Barbara, take a little time to visit Just Play Music.  I think it's important to support these local shops so they don't all disappear.  Really how can you go wrong picking up some new vinyl and when was the last time you bought a funky tee shirt to match?


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