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Long and short term goals for 2013

It's five days into the beginning of the New Year and it's time to set some goals for 2013. Is this a New Years Resolution? Possibly.

I think it's important to keep learning new skills and improve the skills I already have.

For 2013 I have two lists, short term projects and long term goals.

In the short term category:

  1. Rebuild the Heathkit IT-3121 Transistor Curve Tracer and become proficient at using it.

  2. Improve the lighting over my bench by installing some LED light panels


My long term goal is to learn everything I can about FM tuners. The starting point will be to first learn everything I can about FM. This will include learning about FM carrier, FM modulation, FM de-emphasis and FM stereo MPX decoding.

I want to take everything I learn and apply it towards being able to align an FM tuner correctly. Not just follow the manual for any particular model, but really understand what's going on while I'm making the adjustments.

My motivation comes from working on a FM tuner this past fall. While I was able to repair and refurbish the tuner and I was able to follow the manuals alignment instructions, I knew that I really didn't have a good understanding of what I was doing.

Of course along with a new skill comes some new equipment. I already have a Sound Technology ST1000A FM alignment generator and I recently added a HP8640B signal generator to my bench. I'm sure that there will be other equipment added as the learning process moves along.

I have also added a new section to this site, it's called “Tuners”. Here I will be posting the progress of my long term goal for everyone to see.

2013 should be an exciting year, so much to learn and understand.


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