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A Marantz Model 1200 was delivery yesterday

Mid summer is usually a slower time for my audio pursuits, work at the shop is busy and I can't seem to find the time for working on my audio equipment.  I guess that's why my fall and winter project list grows and grows during the summer.

Yesterday a future project was delivered in the form of a Marantz Model 1200 Integrated Amplifier.  Cosmetically it's a very nice unit, the face plate is clean without any real damage.  This 1200 was sold as "not working" because the fuse holder is broken.

Upon inspection is a very very original 1200, which means it will need a complete going over before it can become a daily driver.

There's only one sign of previous work having been done to this 1200.  A yellow wire has been clipped from the relay board and then resoldered back in place. 

A closer look at this 1200 will happen soon.  Ahh, another winter project.

See all of the 1200 pictures.

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My, oh my god. On a lark I've found your personal "Journey" through the world of "Vintage" Marantz. I too have experienced such a trek.

My journey began in 1971 when the Marantz 1200 I bought that year was "state of the art." I still have it. It's stored away in it's original box with the original owner and service manuals.

It stopped working in 1990 so I took it to a reputable Marantz service center to have it fixed. They told me it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new current model. They said that the power transistors were fried and that the parts were no longer available.

I took it back home, boxed it up and it has been on a storage shelf ever since. I hoped that one day I would have the time to learn how to fix it or run into someone who understood it's inner workings. Someone who also had one of their own and could understand my affection for this electronic marvel. I think that day has arrived...

Thanks Chris.


September 23, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJT Coyote

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