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Independence Day 2012

Independence Day usually starts with my towns locale parade and it takes something really special to out do a parade.  A ride on a live steam train will out do a parade any day.  This 4th of July we were invited to ride on the Niles Canyon Railway 4th of July train and enjoy the picnic afterwards.

The ever expanding railway runs between the Niles district of Fremont and now just to the edge of the Castlewood area of Pleasanton.  They are working with the Pleasanton merchants to bring the trains into downtown Pleasanton.

All aboard was at 9:30 and for the next 3 hours we chugged up and down the rails in all its steamy fun.

After the picnic as we headed towards home we passed the Sunol Water Temple Park.  I remember visiting the water temple when I was in grade school, looking down into the depths of the temple where the water from 3 sources were mixed together before heading off to San Francisco.

A few years ago the temple was completely restored and I have wanted to visit it again.  Every time we passed by the park it was closed, but yesterday the gate was open!  The temple is cool and old and sits in the middle of what was once a black walnut orchard.

Looking down into the temple it wasn't nearly as deep and scary as I remembered from that field trip decades ago. 


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