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Meeting the Band at the fair

Last Friday we slipped out of the shop early and headed over to the Alameda County Fair. There are nightly concerts that are included in the admission to the fair and on Friday 38 Special was schedule to perform. We got in line about an hour before the gate opened and found some good seats, center stage about one-third up the isle.

Just before the show was about to start a member of the Fair came out to thank everyone for coming out tot see the show and to thank Safeway for being one of the shops sponsors. She asked who would like to meet the band? All hands went up. She then asked all of the Safeway shoppers to wave their Club Cards high in the air. Her compatriots ran through the audience and grabbed 5 couples who would get to meet the band before the show. Guess who got picked? Me and my wife!

We hustled down the steps and were herded to an outdoor area behind the amphitheater. Someone from the road crew gave us the lowdown, stand inline, give them your camera phone, meet the band, you get one picture taken, then move on.

The band came out, all of them including Donnnie Van Zant and Don Barnes. I got to shake Don's hand, my wife shook Donnie Van Zant's hand, we posed, the picture we taken and we moved along.

Needless to say this was one fantastic concert and something we will remember always.

My kids are sooooooooooo jealous! HA!

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