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It's raining pre amps

The last 3 model I've found locally have all been preamps.  I like it when things come in 3's.  Yesterday I picked up a Model 3300 Preamp from a local seller.  The 3300 had belonged to his father who apparently had a life long affection for audio gear.  While his original Marantz amplifier was long gone, replaced my many different amplifiers over the years he finally settled on a Carver Amp, nice choice.

He must have really liked his 3300 to have kept it all of those years.  This is serial number 1760 which makes it a very early production model.  It is as close to perfect and new as is possible.  I may have been the very first person to remove the screws and lift off the cover since it was built.  The screws had that "never been removed" feel to them.

When I slid the cover off there was the unmistakable aroma of vintage electrons inside the case.  Everything is original as far as I can tell, even the pilot lamp seems to be original.

I connected it to my current Model 30 project and gave it a quick listen, mmmm nice. 

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