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Early Pre-Amps are great

Yesterday was a good day at the shop, I figured out how to repair a modern piece of equipment (not Marantz) that had a chip level board control problem and FedEx dropped off a package.

Inside was a really well packaged Marantz Model 33 Pre-Amplifier. I have another Model 33 that I have rebuild and I use it with a 100 wpc Model 16B Amplifier. The Model 33 was the second solid state pre-amp that Marantz designed, it came out after the 7T.

The Model 33 pairs with either a Model 16, 16B or Model 32 Amplifier. Inside you you will a well laid out unit which is easy to work on. There's a single power supply board and a matching pair of tone boards. One of the nice features of the model 33 is the separate headphone amplifier with its own headphone volume control.

See all of the Model 32 pictures

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