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Rubidium Frequency Standard Module FE-5680A

Every now and then it's important to work on a project that isn't audio related. I'm a fan of Dave Jones of the EEVblog, Dave always makes me think and this leads not only to new ideas but new ways of looking at electronics.

Recently Dave reviewed a Rubidium Frequency Standard Module that he bough on-line from eBay. You can watch his tear down and review in episodes #235 & #236

I though this would be a fun change of pace project and in the end I might end up with a new piece of bench equipment. I looked on eBay and found exactly the module as the one Dave had. The cost was $35.88 for the module and $19.99 shipping. A few weeks later I received the nicely packaged FE-5680A Module all the way from SenZhen, China.

The FE-5680A requires both a 12 volt and 5 volt DC power supply, so I will be using my bench power supply for the 12 volts and an old computer power supply for the 5 volts. I found a technical manual for the FE-5680A on the manufacturers website. There's also another video on where the Rubidium package is taken apart, very cool and impressive engineering.



Testing begins this weekend. . .


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