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New challenges for 2012

Some times my world becomes too busy for words, like everyone it's difficult to find a balance between family, work and hobbies. I have been very absent from my audio hobby and this web site since June last year. My business has been crazy busy which is a good thing but doesn't allow much time for hobbies or adventures.

I think I have found a balance between all of the demands in my world and I look forward to more audio adventures. I have been able to acquire many interesting pieces of equipment over that past six months and a new year brings with it a new budget for bench equipment.

I will featuring some of the new test equipment I have purchased to replace well used and well loved old equipment. These will include a new transistor test, a new audio oscillator and new desolder tool. The Hakko 808 has become my most favorite bench tool ever.

Some of the new audio equipment will include the repair of my Marantz 510 amplifier, rebuild of a Marantz 3300 preamplifier and a through look at a Marantz 170DC that arrived just before the holidays.

I am looking forward to all of these projects and more in the coming year. I would also like to hear from more of the visitors of this site. Your questions and ideas are very welcome and I look forward to hearing from all of you.




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