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Marantz 170DC Finds a New Home

I had a new arrival last week, a Marantz 170DC Power Amplifier. I am always on the look out for another amplifier, especially if it's a model I don't already own. The 170DC and a 300DC have been on my want list for a while. The 170DC's seem to come up for sale more often that the rarer 300DC.

The 170DC's were manufactured between 1977 and 1980 with a production of somewhere between 2 and 3 thousand units. This unit came from the original owner and has been in use up to just a few months ago. Its overall condition is easily a 9.8 out of 10. The face plate is clean without any marks or damage.

The amplifier itself is all original and has not had any work done to it. I haven’t had much time to listen to it yet, but what I have heard so far sounds great. The 170DC has twin meters on it face and this unit had several burnt out meter lamps. I though this would be a good time to try out some new fuse style LED's that I found on line recently. You can read about these in my work bench section.

So far I have paired the 170DC with a Marantz 7T preamp and my Pioneer HPM100 speakers. The 170DC has plenty of power at 86 wpc. I'm not sure that the 7T is the best choice for a preamp, I'm going to try a Marantz 3200 preamp this weekend. It is closer to the 170DC design wise than the 7T.

I will have to find one of the recommended preamp models, 3250, 3250B or 3650. Of the three models I think the the 3650 would be a very cool choice to pair with the 170DC.

I have several weekend projects planed in the workshop so I'll be sett up the 170DC there and racking up some hours with it. I hope my neighbors like Van Halen as much as I do.

See all of the 170DC pictures 


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