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Marantz 6150 Turntable is delivered damaged

Today has been an interesting day. Since in my business I sell on-line, some days are just frustrating beyond belief.  Today has been one of those days, so many people buy items that that desperately needed a week ago then they find out that they choose poorly and the item comes back for a return.  The packages are ripped open, there's no care in repackaging which often causes the item to be damaged during its return trip. Then they complain about the restocking fee.....

So, the high point of today should have been the delivery of my Marantz 6150 Turntable that I purchased on eBay a week ago.  During my mourning scan of Marantz equipment on eBay I found a one owner 6150 with a buy-it-now price of $135.00 and free shipping.  Now, I'm not really getting into vinyl but I do need a turntable to use for testing pre amps after repair and also for my demonstration system in the store. 

I bought the 6150 and paid right after emailing the seller to make sure it would be packaged carefully so it would not be damaged during shipping.  He assured me that it would be packaged well and no damaged would happen.

When I opened the box there was the unmistakeable smell of cigarettes, uggh.  Then the worst part, he did pack the turntable with air-packs and peanuts, he did not secure the platter.  The platter, which is heavier than I would have thought, came loose inside the dust cover, banged around and broke the arm rest off, scratched the arm pivot plinth and gouged and scratched the inside of the cover in three places. How could he be sooooooooo stupid to ruin the 6150 I have wanted so much?

Of course I have emailed him pictures and descriptions of the damaged and politely described how disanointed I am with all of this, two emails, seven pictures.....I will have to wait to  find out what will happen next.


If your interested in seeing the damage, visit the equipment photo page.  



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