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Opening Day at Faultline Audio

Opening Day: Today is the first day that Faultline Audio goes on-line.  I decided to start this venture in a way to add to the increasing interest in vintage audio equipment.

The focus of this site is on Marantz equipment made between 1964 through the late 1970's. Often this is referred to as the golden age of audio.  I won't be featuring any tube equipment, at least for the time being.  My interest is in solid-state pre-amplifiers, amplifiers and integrated amplifiers.

In the near future I will be posting my Audio-Point-of-View.  Those of use who have an interest in vintage audio are passionate in our beliefs and views.  I thinks it's important that I try my best to clearly state my APoV.  It will mostly likely differ from most a lot of you who read it and it may even outrage you.  I am always willing to listen to other points of view and I may even adopt some of them.  I certainly will make mistakes and change over time.  Please bare with me as I wander through this grand adventure. Chris

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